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Holiday house "Lake Balaton"
  An apartment with 2 pcs. double rooms for 5 peoples (max: 6 people) can stay at the time!
The house lies only 100 meters away from Lake Balaton out of the noise of the city center,
althought it can be reached within 5 minutes on foot.
Cars or motorcycles can be parked in the closed garden. The big garden,
the terraces and balconies equipped with garden furniture give a full time entertainment for adults and children as well.

The holder of the house lives on the top floor of the house in a separate appartment and helps the guest in any possible way.
Pets are not allowed!

Holiday house "Lake Balaton"

Hungary, 8600 Siófok, Erkel str. 33/B.

  Zoltán Oláh

Tel: +36 70 938 7915